Online Blackjack Casino Game

If you are looking for a high quality casino event, sign into at any time and from any location and play this top-ranked casino site. The Wild Jack Casino combines the best casino games with a high payout rate, great bonus options and the best online blackjack variations. It’s free and easy to open a wildjackcasino account.

Once you’ve opened your account you can play at the Download Casino, the Wild Jack Flash Casino or the Mobile Casino at your leisure via your same account so all of your gambling information and your banking data will be kept secure and private all in one place.

Wild Jack Blackjack

Wild Jack offers a wide range of game choices ranging from slots and table games to poker and variety games.

One of the most popular rooms at the Wild Jack Casino is the real money blackjack room where players can find the best online backjack variations. Wild Jack provides multiple options for blackjack players so when you’re playing blackjack you can take your choice of the classic online blackjack real money game or choose one of the interactive alternatives.

Every alternative blackjack variation has its own mixture of elements and features. There are options to take out insurance, double your hand, split your hand, play a game with bonus rounds, play a multi-hand or multi-player game, choose a game in which cards have been removed from the deck or settle down and play a simpler game with basic single decks of cards or with only one player.

Some of the best online blackjack variations involve small deviations from the classic blackjack game while others include multiple mixes and matches of these options.

Additional games at Wild Jack include hundreds of online slot machines along with roulette, craps, baccarat, scratch card, bingo, keno and poker.

Getting Started

To start playing through Wild Jack, create a personal log-in by submitting your name, email address and a username and password to the casino’s sign-up page. A confirmation email will arrive in your account – click the confirmation link and within minutes you can start to play your chosen games online.

Your personal casino account gives you access to all of the casino’s gaming platforms. You can play exclusively on one platform or you can switch from PC to mobile gambling at your convenience. You have access to all of your accumulated bonus credits and Loyalty Points, digital banking links and other casino amenities right there, so you can look forward to a smooth and comfortable gambling event.

Wild Jack Bonus Promotions

There are multiple Wild Jack bonus packages. Some are available to first-time players while others are distributed to all gamers. Some of these bonuses run concurrently, meaning that you can collect multiple bonus rewards on the same game.

If you’re a new player the Welcome Bonus is applicable to you – during your first week of casino gaming the casino welcomes you with a Welcome Bonus which includes match bonus credits on your first four deposits plus casino cash which you can apply to any of your preferred casino games.

You don’t need to enter a code or do anything special – the casino will award you your Welcome Bonus cash and credits when you make your first four deposits during your first week of play. Your Wild Jack Welcome Bonus is worth up to $1621, You can only take advantage of this special offer during your first week of casino activity so don’t let your Welcome Bonus disappear – start to take advantage of the bonus as soon as you open your new account.